12" Unicycle 

This was Hannah's birthday present when she turned 2 (Nov, 2000).   Built from a $37 bike from Wal-Mart.   It was never been ridden.  I tried to ride it by hanging on to the seat (it's so short that it's REALLY hard to sit on),  but I only managed to ride about four inches.  Eventually I scavenged the hub for another project, so it is no more.


  • 12.5x2.25 tire
  • 16 spoke steel rim  (spokes from the bike were used)
  • 2.6 inch cranks (cut and re-welded  from 4-inchers)
  • Suzue 36 hole hub
  • Semcycle bearing holders
Some things I wanted to improve upon:
  • Make a narrower hub for it (possibly by welding some flanges onto a bicycle bottom bracket.) 
  • Put a child-size unicycle seat on it
  • Smaller pedals that are barefoot friendly 
  • Adjustable seat (after she grows a bit)
  • How much it gets used.
Here's a clip of her birthday party (4 Mb).