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Ears is my favorite frame that I designed.  It has improved footrests and smashed-tubing tire clearance.   

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Note the slightly ovalized section of tubing just to the sides of where the tire tread will be.  This allows for good tire clearance while keeping the overall width down.

Weight:  1.49 lbs as shown
Seat tube:  6" long, 1.0x.058 4130
Crown:  .875x.035 4130
Legs:  .875x.035 4130
Tire Clearance:  0.6  inches above, 0.27 inches each side**.
Width between fork legs, measured at height of tire tread:  3.3 inches
Total frame width (measured at crown) :  4.8 inches

Design criteria:  be as light as possible while only allowing 0.1 inches of lateral flex during steep climbs. 
Model analysis used:  twin cantilever beams attached to seat tube. 

**Using Gazz 3.0 width measurement of 2.75 inches.

Several People have contacted me wanting plans for this frame.  My original cut sheets are on the web here.