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The Search for a Better Handlebar--

Miyata Handles, although way better than no handle at all, are a far cry from perfection.   Aside from being too small, they are made of slick plastic which is usually green.  Using a Miyata handle also requires that  your wrist be kinked while you ride,  and heavy use can cause stiff knuckles.  Did I mention  they are small? 

So I've set out in search of something better.  What we really want is a GIANT sized ergonomic handle.

Lots of room for fingers to curl all the way around the handle.
All faces must be convex, not concave like the underside of the Miyata Handles. 
The handle must be comfortable to use, and must allow (and should encourage) the wrist to be straight during use. 

 C-1-- Mar 2, 2001
 B-2-- Jan 14 or so, 2001
 A-1  --December 9, 2000

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last updated Mar 3, 2001