Lightweight Chromoly Frame #1 with Mud  Clearance
This is the new frame I just made.
This is the frame finished June 16, 2001 for Jeff Lutkus. It's for a 24x3 Gazz and Suzue hub.
 Weight:  1.56 lbs as shown
Seat tube:  7" long, 1.0x.058 4130
Crown:  .875x.049 4130
Legs:  .875x.035 4130
Tire Clearance:  0.6 inches above, 0.3 inches each side**.
Total width:  5.1 inches
Design criteria:  be as light as possible while only allowing 0.1 inches of lateral flex during steep climbs. 
Model analysis used:  twin cantilever beams attached to seat tube.

**Using Gazzaloddi 3.0  width measurement of 2.75 inches.

Crown is 22 degree downsloping for high speed gliding.  (Who wants to ride one footed down a trail, anyway?)   The punch marks were intended to increase traction, but didn't add that much. 

Bearing holders are United brand stamped steel main cap style.  Bolts are welded in place to make wheel removal/installation easier

Autobalance unicycle?  (Must be a trick)

Here's some pics of after Jeff put it all together:


Jeff's Comments:
Wheel fits fine.  My legs did get scratched on the open ends of the fork crown during sharp reverse turns, though.