DogBone Air Pillows

Inspired by Scott Bridgeman right before MUni weekend 2000, I took the idea and ran with it.  This model allows you to use one 20" tube instead of 2 12's which really didn't fit well anyway.  I believe they are still for sale on, but I never considered them a final answer for unicycling comfort.   They were just the best thing we had at the time.  Please, somebody make something better!!


Inside is one 20x2.125 bicycle inner tube and some cornstarch (makes it easier to position the tube in the bag.)
It doubles over under your Roach cover, still giving you two layers of air from only one inner tube.  Ideally, you drill a hole in your seat base so the valve stem of the inner tube sticks out the bottom.  Then you can adjust air pressure externally with your hand pump.


The elastic band that comes with the early Roach Covers is way too long, and doesn't hold things in place very well.  You are better off installing your own eyelets in the bottom edge of the Roach cover.  Then cinch it down with a matching shoelace so that the eyelets are just below the lip of the seat base.  Next install the bumpers, and voila!
You're done! Now put a *little* air in the inner tube (just enough to fill the tube, not enough to really pressurize it), and go for a ride!