24x3  w/Thudbuster 
 (Man, I loved this thing.)

Click on Image for slightly better photo (~250kB)

This was the best uni I ever had.  I finally got almost everything I wanted. 


Component Weights:
(all items listed in lbs)

"Ears" custom  frame w/bearing caps, bolts 1.58
Salsa Flip Lock quick release seat clamp 0.10
Saddle (carbon, air, Roach, handlebar, bolts,  balsa, shoelace) 1.79
Wilder rail bracket 0.60
25.4mm Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost with arms reversed and post shortened by 3.25 inches 1.01
Profile Racing  splined axle (axle, hub, spacers, bolts, bearings) 1.62
set of 175mm Profile Dirt Ju;mper cranks  1.57
set of DiamondBack CNC cartridge bearing pedals  1.08
set of 36  238mm 14ga stainless spokes w/brass nips , 4 cross 0.57
AVRO 24 inch Zum Eliminator downhill rim, 44mm wide 1.90
Salsa rim strip 0.04
Cycle Pro 24x1.75-2.2 seamless tube 0.34
24" x 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi downhill tire 3.30
Lubrication grease, mud, etc. ??
Total 15.50